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Youth Organization, Mentoring, Non-Profit, Education, Youth club

Blossoming Club Membership


The club's initial one-time membership registration fee is $40.00 per member. The initial fee covers the costs for materials included in The Blossoming Club Care Package. Monthly "Club donations" are $20.00 a month per child member. This donation assists the club with various club activities and materials such as special projects, birthday celebrations, local outings, special rewards for accomplishments, and food/snacks during our weekend retreats.  The club will also do fundraisers on occasion to raise the necessary funds to keep operations moving smoothly.


The Blossoming Club Care Package includes:

Club Uniform T-Shirt

Club Membership Card

Club Hotline Card

Club Notebook

Club Pen Pal Stationary & Envelopes

Club Journal

Club Creed

Monthly Calendar

To-Do Lists

Shower Gel or Soap Bar

Bath Sponge

Toothbrush & Toothpaste



Body Mist



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