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Our Blossoming Club Mentors - The BC Teams!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping it together is progress. Working together is success.” ~Henry Ford~
Youth Organization, Mentoring, Non-Profit, Education, Youth club
Youth Organization, Mentoring, Non-Profit, Education, Youth club
Youth Organization, Mentoring, Non-Profit, Education, Youth club

President and Chief Executive Officer - Bonita A. Jones

The Executive Director is responsible for providing the overall leadership necessary for The Blossoming Club to achieve its mission. The Executive Director provides direction and leadership relating to program, fundraising, and community development. The President/CEO also takes an active role in building a culture that supports and retains outstanding staff.


Treasurer/Business Assistant – Kayla A. Jones

Coordinates, oversees, and/or performs a wide variety of administrative, secretarial, and program support activities on behalf of the President, Vice President, and Club Directors. Serves as primary point of operational and administrative contact for internal and external constituencies, often on complex and confidential issues. Coordinates the provision of office and staff support services to the office, and oversees and/or participates in the coordination, supervision, and completion of special projects and/or events. Monitors and coordinates accounting activities as appropriate, and prepares internal reports for management; participates in budget planning and management.


Mentors In Training (MIT) Director - Monica T. Matthews

​​The primary role of the Mentors In Training (MIT) Youth Director is to develop a personal and positive rapport with the 14 -17 years age group in the Club, and this involves consistent meetings with the children and ensuring the meeting times are enjoyable and comfortable; work with the youths to establish goals. assist youth in establishing of goals such as making good grades or attending college. The MIT Director also assists children in creating life action plans, such as goal timelines, and boosting responsibility goals at home and school.  Another responsibility for s is that they act as a cheerleader, coach, and advocate for children and mentors should even provide children with resources in the community.

Public Outreach Relations – Samone Spriggs

The primary role of the Communications Officer is to manage and maintain “The Blossoming Club” Visual images are appropriately shared through the official website or a group of websites and social media networks for the public. The communication officer ensures all the web servers, hardware, and software are working properly; in designing developing; and marketing the websites and monitoring the Social Media. Promoting and creating awareness in your community of the Club’s service projects and activities, and in doing so, promote the values and work of the organization. The community learns about The Blossoming Club through the media and what others say about the organization, so informing club members and the media about the Club’s undertakings is crucial to building strong public relations.


Director of Business Research  – Britney Simmons

Plans, organizes, implements, and facilitates major projects or related activities for The Blossoming Club, works within a budget to secure facilities and other expenses for events; promotes student and adult participation in school site and countywide projects, chapter fundraisers, or events; develops lesson materials for school site meetings; secures donations for events from community and business organizations; maintains activity logs; data collection and program evaluation activities; assists the Project Specialist with preparation of written progress and evaluation reports for funding agencies.



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